Recruitment, Simplified

Our System is HGP Recruitment Solutions:

Ellie has 15 years in the Global Recruitment trenches from the Investment Banking world in London

to the Sovereign Wealth Funds of Dubai & the Middle East

to the Finance & Tech worlds in Singapore & South East Asia

and half a decade with Start-Ups & Tech firms in Silicon Valley

as both an Agent and in Talent Acquisition in Start-Ups and MNCs like Visa

She will identify and implement your recruitment strategy:

Job Descriptions and Job Leveling, Manpower Planning

ATS (e-Talent) Adoption and Integration

Employer Branding, Advertising, Job Boards,

Sourcing, Headhunting, Shortlisting

30 second Video Intros with Intro30

Recruitment Chatbot integration

Interviews and Scheduling

Offers & Negotiations


Access to Intro30 & e-Talent ATS

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